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Happy land


Company "HAPPYLAND" leases





for carrying out of holidays, presentations, exhibitions, conferences and other events.

For what it is necessary

Rent of the presentation equipment is a magnificent chance to take advantage of all spectrum of unique opportunities of modern presentation multimedia equipment, not resorting to its purchase.

To whom it is necessary

If you on a regular basis spend presentations and participate in exhibitions. If it is necessary for you that your performance has really passed on a high level and has made bright impression upon an audience, rent of a projector will allow you to solve this problem as much as possible simply.

Why our company

Our company has saved up wide experience on carrying out of actions, whether in which so the presentation equipment differently is involved. Besides if it is required, we give the equipment for scoring actions, and also necessary accessories - little tables дли projectors, sources of the image (computer and video-equipment, etc.).

Delivery within the limits of of Baku, connection, adjustment of the equipment taken in rent is FREE-OF-CHARGE. If necessary we can give the employees for the period of carrying out of your event (for separate payment, under the arrangement).

Phone on which you can order the equipment:

(050)255-08-08(9:00-21:00 without days off)

(012)596-08-08(10:00-19:00 except for Sunday)

Also you can write the e-mail on info@happyland.az  and our experts will contact you to discuss all conditions of cooperation.

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happy land
Happy land
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