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Happy land

Party on a yacht

The warm silk breeze softly shrouds the face, The water splash near keel of the yacht cutting a water smooth surface. Party in such conditions becomes one of the best adventures in the book of wanderings on waves of your memories. We share your passion to the sea and we shall do the utmost, that time lead on a yacht has brought to you pleasure and left unforgettable impressions.

If you want to organize a party by own strength you will spend a lot of time for some questions, concerned with catering, the order of a yacht, music, waiters... The Basic purpose of our company - as much as possible to simplify procedure of the order. Music of the most different styles, and also perfect service will help you to take pleasure in comfort onboard a yacht. Call us and we shall make your rest bright and unforgettable.

 Party on a yacht package includes:*

• Yacht rental - 2 hours
• Decoration of yacht
• Catering
• Photo and video shoot
• Disco

The price is up to 55 AZN

* (The package is not obligatory, at will of the customer can be added by other services or changed)


That it is necessary to know:
• The Order is to be made not later than 5 days prior to desirable date

• Possible days: all
• Capacity of a yacht - 25 person
• We Advise to take with themselves bathing accessories and a towel
• Carry of a party on weather conditions Is possible

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happy land
Happy land
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